About Home Studio Maven

Hi, I’m Emma.

Maybe you are new here, maybe you’ve been before, anyway thanks for joining. I hope this website is able to answer some of your questions.

How I came up with this website

Well, I didn’t.

I’ve been into making music since I was in school (that would be around 10 years ago if my mind is working properly). Mostly inspired by my older brother who has been in various metal bands since I can remember.

I like metal but I also like hip hop so my start in music has come in the form of an attempt at making a rap band. Needless to say that didn’t get very far.

Since I was making beats for that band, I kept going on that side of the things.

Those who know me, know that I make music and from time to time I get questions about what gear I would advise people to get, how to set up small home studios, what software to use etc.

That is why I say I didn’t come up with the site, It’s just a response for the questions I get from time to time.

The gear and other stuff I talk about

I want to take a systematic approach to what I write about. I will focus on a component of a typical home studio to clear most of the questions and only then move onto the next component.

The first on list where the studio monitors because people don’t really know how to decide what to get other than the cost.

Another common problem is that most people don’t take into consideration everything else they might need that complements the monitors and what costs those involve.

For instance, a lot of people just slap their monitors on the desk and that might be way to low compared to ear level so you don’t get an accurate image of what the monitor is putting out for you. That can be solved with some monitor stands, but they cost money.

Another issue is that they don’t decouple the monitors from the desk and that makes a mess out of the low end. This can be solved with isolation pads, and those cost money too. And so on and so forth.

These are issues that you should consider when you think of your budget.

I think is easier to mess up your monitoring system than most of everything else so that is why it’s my first subject.

Back to you

I will continue to write about gear and how to use said gear so it would be useful to know you what are the areas where most people have questions.

Let me know what is the area where you have most question or if you want me to address something in particular. Just shoot a message from the contact page.

Thank you and have an awesome day!