PRS SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar Review

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Electric Guitar

There are a lot of electric guitars in the market but some people tend to stick to their usual brands or guitars. Why not try other great and unique ones instead? Like the PRS SE Custom 24 for example. It might be too expensive for beginners and kids. But with its features and design, it will surely be a hit whether you are on stage performing or in your home music studio.

We are sure you are curious about this amazing electric guitar, so let’s check it now!

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Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Review

There are so many things to talk about the PRS SE Custom 24, that’s why we broke it into parts. Enjoy!



The Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 features a wide-thin shape body making it very easy and fast to play. With the combination of the mahogany body and maple top, this guitar gives you the perfect balance of rich midrange and bright snap. The neck is very thin making it very comfortable to use. Also, it helps that the PRS SE Custom 24 looks amazing!

If you add a pair of PRS humbuckers in both bridge and neck, you will be able to get thick and sustaining tones throughout. This is because of PRS humbuckers 85/15s are designed to sound outstanding in both humbucking and single-coil modes. You will get a lot of output for driving your amp hard while still sounding clear and detailed. The SE Custom 24 humbuckers are really close to the tones of the US-made ones found in solidbody electric guitars from PRS Maryland factory. Get to know what are the differences between PRS Korean vs PRS USA guitars.

The included push and pull tone control increases the versatility and in some way improving the tones at the neck. And it reduces the output from one coil.

If you have sweaty palms the finish on the neck can be a slight problem for you because it suffers from slight tackiness. But do not worry, a few rubs with some dry paper or towel can go a long way.

Also, do not forget PRS’ signature classic bird inlays in its rosewood fingerboard.

Video Review

If you are not yet convinced, we found this video review from Youtube made by Dawsons Music. Watch as this guy play the PRS SE Custom 24, listen to the sound he makes, and compare it to the sound your own electric guitar produces.

PRS SE Custom 24 vs 22

PRS SE Custom 24 and 22 are some of the famous models that a lot of guitarists are familiar with. The SE guitars are designed to be used by anyone and everyone, all genre.

PRS SE Custom 22 and 24 aren’t much too different other than the number of frets. Custom 22 has only 22 frets, it produces richer sound with the neck pickup. This is a result of the pickup placed at a harmonic mode when the 24th fret in on SE Custom 24.

PRS SE Custom 22 and 24 are both great electric guitars which is what you expect from Paul Reed Smith guitars. These 2 SE models might be made from South Korea but still, amazing. Choosing which one you like will solely depend on your preference.

PRS SE Custom 24 vs Standard 24

We already talked about Custom 22 and 24 and now lets briefly check out what is PRS SE Standard 24.

PRS SE Standard 24 has an all-mahogany body giving warmth and articulation to some legendary vintage rock tones. Just like Custom 24, Standard 24 has a PRS 85/15 S humbucking pickups with coil-splitting capabilities. Both guitars have 24 frets which give a wide but thin neck profile, easy and comfortable to play with.

And of course, Standard 24 also has PRS’ signature birds design.

Both guitars have the same exact hardware and made from the same materials. The main difference that we found is in the body. Custom 24 has a mahogany body with 1/4″ maple cap with a flame maple veneer finish. While Standard 24 is just mahogany period.

Standard and Custom are both great guitars and worth every penny you use. It will just fall on your preference.

Competitors of PRS SE Custom 24

We know people have various tastes in all things, just like in studio chairs and electric guitars, and PRS SE Custom 24 might not be the one for you. That’s why we listed some of its competitors to help you choose the right one for you.

Ibanez RG550

The Ibanez RG550 is first built in 1987 and loved by rock and metal guitarist. It has a versatile HSH pickup configuration with modern V7 and V8 humbuckers. These humbuckers will let you have a wide range of sound combination with 5-way pickup switch. RG550 prominent feature is its ultrathin Super Wizard neck with 5-piece laminated Maple and Walnut for perfect stability giving you super-smooth playing experience.

It features a comfortably contoured basswood body giving a warm growl with enough midrange definition to cut through a dense mix. With its Edge tremolo bridge, RG550 will let you do whatever you want to. This electric guitar will let you experience extreme sonic acrobatics within your fingertips reach.

Also, you can achieve incredible tuning stability by using Gotoh machine heads.

The Ibanez Genesis Collection brings you back into time with its “good old days” sound with precise craftsmanship by Japanese artists.

Ibanez guitars are famous for all levels of guitarist. From beginners to the most prominent artists in the world, and Ibanez RG550 is no exception.

Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine

Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine is a signature model by Maroon 5’s lead guitarist, James Valentine which covers a lot of tonal ground. It is constructed from ash and roasted maple combination to give a lot of attacks and snap, perfect for their bands funky pop sound. The ash body gives a clear attack, strong note definition, with a warm low end. If you are looking for the funky chord stabs and rhythms, you should go for an ash wood body. And when matched with a roasted maple neck and fretboard, you will get plenty of sustain when you are playing this electric guitar. With this combination, you will make the bridge pickup growl, perfect for modern country sound and even rock tones.

Also, The neck’s roasting process made it very sustainable to changing climate and various weather situations.

With its custom-wound humbuckers and single-coil pickups giving you a wide tonal range. It also offers hidden features like active gain boost, coil splitting, and plenty of vintage appeal with its neck-heel-located truss rod adjustments.

If you are looking for a funky, spunky tone, Earnie Ball Music Man James Valentine might be the electric guitar you are looking for.

Fender Classic Player Baja ’60s Telecaster

The Fender Classic Player Baja ’60s Telecaster has a solid body made from alder wood combined with full 1960’s features and vibe. Because of this, you will get a fuller, warmer sound while retaining all the sustain and cutting mids you will surely enjoy.

With the combination of ’58 and ’52 American Vintage single-coil pickups and plugin this bad boy in your amp, you can expect warm and edgy twang with vintage-tinged. This guitar is wired with a special 4-position blade switch and a 2-position S-1 switch, giving you a wide tonal range from classic Tele to series and parallel out-of-phase tones and even fat tones with high-output settings.

This electric guitar is equipped with a vintage-style 3-saddle bridge with a string through the body design for a classic Tele tone with excellent sustain.

If you are looking for a vintage style electric guitar that can give you the sound quality of the modern ones, Fender Classic Player Baja ’60s Telecaster might be the one for you.

The Verdict

To be honest PRS SE Custom 24 is one of the best electric guitars that we can find in the market. For a Paul Reed Smith guitar, it is very affordable but the quality is top-notch. The sound it produces is amazingly punchy with a lot of sustain.

Also, it helps a lot that it looks cool and eye-catching as well. It never hurts to have Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 if you are an aspiring musician and guitarist. This guitar is great for beginners and pros.

We know that this is not cheap but there are times that you have to go for quality versus quantity and having this PRS SE Custom 24 is one of those times.

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