Best Gifts for Musicians 2019 Edition

Need a gift for a special musician in your life but don’t really know what get? Fear not, we got you.

These items are not specific to a holiday so no matter the occasion of the gift these should work perfectly fine.

They do require a bit of knowledge about your target so you don’t get items they already have but we do have some novelty items in our list if you are not sure about the more practical ones.

A pair of good studio headphones – Sony MDR7506

Every music maker needs a good pair of studio headphones.

That is because unlike regular headphones, their professional counterparts help you pick up the issues in your works more easily.

Our choice here, the Sony MDR7506 are among the best choice for under $100, depending on where you get them from.

They are also very versatile, working well in various scenarios like recording, monitoring, mixing, you name it, they can probably handle it.

For that budget you get a solid build quality, foldable design for easy packing when traveling, a very good frequency response 10Hz to 20 kHz and one of my favorite feature, a coiled cable.

If your special someone doesn’t already have a set of professional headphones you can’t go wrong with these.

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A budget-friendly MIDI controller – Alesis V49

This is another tool indispensable to anyone making music at home or for someone who wants an easy way to start learning to play the piano.

Though, I want to say, if you want to get this in the idea of learning how to play the piano, get the V61 version as it has more keys making it better suited for that kind of use. It’s also not much more expensive.

For regular pop music making the 49 version is just fine and the price you pay is very good for what you get.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to blow your mind with features but it has a bit of everything, velocity sensitive keys, 8 drum pads velocity and pressure sensitive, 4 assignable buttons and 4 knobs and also the usual Pitch and Mod wheels.

Overall it’s a good package, however, if you have some more cash to spare for your special someone you can take this up a notch by getting the VI version.

That version adds a lot more of everything, including semi-weighted keys (they feel and react a bit more like piano keys), 16 drum pads, 12 knobs, 36 buttons, all assignable. You can learn more about it in our MIDI keyboards guide.

A quick mention I have to make, these are both controllers so they don’t generate sounds of their own. You plug them into your computer and use software to generate the sounds, these boards only control the software.

If you are getting for someone already into music, they probably know how to handle it already but if you are getting it for a kid to learn to play the piano you’ll first have to set up the included software.

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An electric guitar kit – LyxPro Starter Kit

This is a very versatile instrument to have in any studio.

Sure, it takes some time to learn how to play but it’s fun and can easily be recorded and adds a bit more natural feel to the mix.

It’s also a very nice upgrade or second option for someone that already uses an acoustic guitar,

The LyxPro comes with all you need to start with, the guitar, an amp and cable, a clip-on tuner, shoulder strap and carrying bag.

It also comes with 2 sets of strings but they are not the best quality so it might be worth grabbing a better set of string to get the most out of it.

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An MPC – Akai Studio Black

This is a one-stop beat shop kind of machine that lets you create and doesn’t get in the way.

To give you some background, it’s a device that has been evolving since the 1980s. It’s still a success today and loved by many – great music producers and beat makers.

It’s a machine that comes with most of the usual features that you would expect if you know the MPC line of tools and as an added bonus it also includes 7GB of sounds and samples to get you going out of the box.

It also comes in a light and compact form factor so it’s easy to carry around and also comes with a bag for that purpose.

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A recording starter kit – Scarlett Solo Studio Recording Bundle

If your musician is recording on a crappy microphone you could take the lead and make an upgrade.

Not only for music but if he is trying to make YouTube videos or stream on Twitch the audio quality, like in music, makes a big difference.

The bundle comes with the basics to get you going. Optionally, if you have some spare cash you can also add the pop filter and mic arm in the “Frequently bought together” section in the mix for even more greatness.

The brand is famous for it’s Scarlett line as having some of the best mic preamps you can get in this price range and it’s loved by many creators of things involving recordings.

It’s hard to go wrong with this one.

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A proper guitar amp key holder – DropLight

This is a novelty but also a useful item. There is not much to say about it, it’s a key holder that looks like a guitar amp.

These from DropLight are hand made from wood, vinyl, and steel and they are of good quality.

Yes, you can find cheaper versions but they don’t come close to the DropLight ones in terms of quality or visual appeal.

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A pick punch – Pick-a-Palooza

If your friend already has a guitar and you want to get him something fun related to that grab a device that allows you to make your own picks.

You tend to lose these little things anyway so why not make your own.

The kit comes with 15 strips of plastic that can get you 100 picks if you cut them right but you can also use other plastics to make picks out of them like expired credit cards, gift cards or whatever else you feel like chopping.

The kit also includes a leather key-chain pouch for up to 10 picks so you can be sure to have them on you when you are out for a gig.

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Fancy pants RGB drumsticks – ROCKSTIX 2 PRO

As you’d imagine these aren’t for serious drumming but they are nice novelty thing.

They do an ok-ish job as drumsticks but they don’t last very long if you are hard on them and they are no very well balanced. So, no, I wouldn’t recommend them as your daily choice of sticks.

They do make a drum session more spicy or a photoshoot so if you are comfortable with them you could take them on a gig.

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A lava lamp – Lava the Original 2158

No proper music studio is complete without a lava lamp.

Also, you can’t have too many of them so no need to worry if your musician already has one, just try to get a different model.

Joking aside it is an interesting piece of decor that once turned on it continually changes its shape and with that colored light it helps change the mood of the room a bit.

But if you think they are too old-school, fine, have a look at the jellyfish ones for some sci-fi /aliens vibe.

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Fancy lighting – Philips Hue

If you like the ambient lighting idea but want to take up a notch the Philips Hue might be the answer.

With 16 million colors to choose from you can set the mood in whatever way you feel like.

These work by replacing your regular light bulbs so you don’t disturb the use of “normal” light but when you want to set a funky mood just turn on the app and change the color.

If you have a smart home assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant you can also voice control the thing.

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A fancy travel mug not for travel – Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug

Probably everyone goes through this at some point.

You get the coffee too hot to drink, you get to the office and let it cool for a bit and start working or whatever.

By the time you remember that you had a coffee if too cold.

This fancy mug helps fix that problem and allows you to set your desired temperature in both Fahrenheit or Celsius and it tries to keep that temperature.

It also helps cool down the coffee when its too hot and if I understand correctly, that heat it takes away helps keep the desired temperature.

It’s a really cool device to get as a gift for anyone really especially since you probably don’t want to buy the thing for yourself, it’s quite expensive.

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An external HDD – Toshiba Canivo Basics 2TB

If you are making music and your livelihood depends on it or you’re hoping to get there, you need a backup and backup of the backup.

Unfortunately, a lot of people forget about that part until they lose everything once a computer dies or gets lost or stolen. So, nudge them in the right direction by gifting them a tool to do that.

A simple solution is an external hard drive, sure, it’s not bulletproof but it’s something.

The Toshiba Canivo is a very good choice for the price and works with USB 3.0 for high transfer speeds but if, by any chance you don’t have a computer with that it also supports USB 2.0.

Also works with both MAC and Windows-based systems.

Grab it

A gift card

If still not sure what else to get a plain and simple gift card could save the day.

You can go with the usual suspects such as Amazon or a more music-focused store such as SamAsh or B&H.

There you have it, our picks for gifts for musicians. We hope you and the person you are making the gift to enjoy it.

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